my headcanon moskitos are more like birds tbh

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m headcanon differenes between sissy and gayman :)

they’d have the same exact body build, etc but what about face? exactly.

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Swagmaster Globox: hehe
Swagmaster Globox: thinking abou t the leptys like "there arent that many birds in the glade??" (not including origins since r3 was prior) what if the leptys is the zombie chicken god
KinkyRay: god of knaaren and chickens
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sometimes i wonder what betilla thought about rayman when he was born like… what was she going for when creating someone? did she expect a big nose?? was she trying to make a fairy? teensy? well not teensy bc he has hair and not blue skin but i wonder what she thought

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i think my new age timeline for gayman is

1 -> 2 -> origends -> 3 - rabiids? rabbids never happened

origends right there in the middle bc he’s still immature and his voice isnt that deep so prepuberty i guess ¬†hmm

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i bet rayman hates it whenever people pick him up by his hair :(

it happens too often :(

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raysim finally beat sissy

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ok but you know how rayman has that red-blond gradient going on in his hair? of course you do

so in humanverse…

like what if naturally blond (which he is) but its a blond where it goes from one colour to another like his hair is going from blond to red like betilla’s

shut up i think it’s cute goodbye

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edith is prob ray’s favourite aunt bc she makes food for him all the time haha

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fee trying to turn raymesis good by making him help grannies cross the street

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