realizing even as a child that someday there will be a lavender ball who is more handsome and better than him at everything

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betilla just wants him to have beautiful mansay hair is that too much to ask? :’/ </3

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no one can convince me that rayman is not a species of fairy he’s my pretty fairy boy

if there can be fly fairies and cat fairies and and frog fairies and jellyfish fairies why not man vegetable thingamajig fairies??

yknow how rayman has all his powers but then they’re gone and you have to reobtain them in origins


im p sure rayman used to be a stupid hooligan and betilla would take away his powers as punishment

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asian annetta, japanese gonzo n alain, aborigine holly, greek olympia/sibylla, mexican estelia/selena, hawaiian emma/ursula, celt aurora/twila…

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rayman 4 sissy is very important to me

armour design maybe????

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my headcanon moskitos are more like birds tbh

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m headcanon differenes between sissy and gayman :)

they’d have the same exact body build, etc but what about face? exactly.

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